7 strings bass viol after Nicolas Bertrand (attr.)

7 strings bass viol attributed to Nicolas Bertrand

Bass viol, copy of the one held in Brussels Museum of musical instruments, except from the scroll, inspired by Romain Cheron, despite its small dimensions that make it comfortable for small stature players, can count on a rich bass range. The treble weaving is sweet, warm and present, thanks to the two pieces bent soundboard. The viol is quick responding and has a very good emission. Its setup can be easily changed to vary string length and adapt to different playing needs.

Wood selection: back, ribs, neck in maple slab sawn, top in italian spruce (bent), tailpiece in maple ebony veneered, fingerboard in composite srpuce/maple ebony veneered. Hookbar and nut in snakewood, pegs in ebony.

Finishing: Amber in linenseed oil, only small pigment amount to emphasize the beauty of the wood.

String length: 69 cm can be extended to 71 cm or reduced to 68 cm on request, thanks to modifications to the backplate.

Gallery photo credits M. Alberto Giordano

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