My interest in baroque musical instruments began as ancient music player, but soon the interest became true love.

I have built bowed instruments for many years, and I spent a long time traveling around Europe just to examine original instruments, held in either public or private collections.

Federico Löwenberger

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Close scrutiny of the originals and analysis of the musical instruments iconography in ‘600 and ‘700 paintings, oftentimes made problems arise, rather than suggesting solutions about the methods used by their builders. At first I tried to build “simple” replicas, overlooking the fact that building methods may have fundamental consequences on the final sound quality.

Later on, both because of explicit requests from customers in search of philological accuracy, and for my own desire of a better or simply different result, I decided to face the problem of “reconstructing” the procedures that were originally used by the old masters.

My way is to deeply study originals, understanding the  techniques involved in their construction and merging this knowledge with modern techniques, tools and my own experience and opinions in crafting my instruments.