Bass – Pellegrino De Micheli

Pellegrino De Micheli (labeled Pellegrino FQM Zanetto), was one of the most renowned masters of the second generation of professionals Brescian instrument makers. Active since the half of 16th century, was the son of Zanetto De Micheli from Montichiari, one of the very first professional luthiers knowned. We know a few of his instruments, mainly bowed, belonging both to the violin and to the viol family.

We propose our reconstruction of an original instrument owned by a noble italian family since it was bought by their ancestors directly from the craftsman. In our opinion, this is an incredibly important historical source to understand the standards of the Renaissance Italian viol. Federico had the chance of studying and restoring the original, thus having the opportunity to reconstruct its original setting, including neck and mounting, being inspired both by evidences (marked bridge position, pegbox/neck width) and iconographic sources (proportions between neck and body, fingerboard length, bridge and tailpiece).

The instrument, mostly suitable for consort music, comes with no soundpost / bassbar system. We offer it in pear wood, as an exact copy of the original.
Available both with the original carved faunus peghead, or with a scroll, reconstructed on the Pellegrino’s style from other instruments.

The instrument is reconstructed with the ancient masters’ tecniques, without use of a mold; we also offer as an option carved or two pieces bent soundboard, as in use in 16th/17th century viols.

Different wood selection or bassbar/soudpost options on demand.

Based on this model, we offer also a Tenor viol.

Strings: all stringed in gut
String Lenght: 74,5 cm