6 strings Renaissance Bass viol

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This instrument is a copy of an early italian viol from central Italy (presumably Modena), labeled after luthier Dardelli, held in a private collection.

It is a very big D bass, 84 cm body length, 84cm string length, suitable to be played in low pitches with full gut strings. The original instrument is mounted without soundpost and bassbar, but this copy features both.

Due to its size and string length, on request, the instrument can be set up as a G violone with later mounting and wound strings.

The instrument is labeled Atelier Federico Lowenberger, is sold as second hand, with atelier warranty.


Wood selection: back, ribs and neck, maple; top italian spruce – carved, fingerboard and tailpiece: maple, ebony veneered.

String length: 84 cm

Finishing: oil, antique finishing

This instrument is available now in the atelier

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